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This blog is about my hobbies, my art and everything related to decorations for parties. I am a highly creative individual, with a passion for all types of crafts. I love beading, flower arranging, scrapbooking, cardmaking and many more, and I love to incorporate all this into the decorations I make for Birthday Parties, Baby Showers and other events. My favorite hobby is scrap-booking, I can spend hours playing around with stickers, papers, photos, ribbons, and 3D embellishments. Therefore, I love making invitations, and creating party favors and decorations for very special events. Take a look at all my creations on my Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/Creatingpartyfantasies

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Honeybee decorations

Here are some more pictures of the Honey  Bee themed party.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sweet Bumblebees

Working on a sweet birthday for my niece's first year! Invites,  decorations for the cake and candy buffet table, centerpieces and much more. I will be posting pictures as I go finishing. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WHOOOO is having a Party??

Here is another Party Theme that has become increasingly popular, OWLS. I love them so much I did my daughter's  8th Birthday with lots of them.  Somehow, I had no idea what her Birthday was going to be about, which is really strange for me because I plan her birthday and start buying things for it almost right after I finish cleaning up the Christmas mess. With everything on sale at the beginning of the year I go out shopping for the smallest thing, and BOOM!! I get inspired and start buying supplies for her next Birthday.
But this year was different, I planned a Birthday at "The Miami Children's Museum", we had never taken her there, and the place was great, I looked online and they provided everything, set up, clean up, balloons, food, and 2-3 hours of fun for the kids. I was really into it, until I read the themes they had, Princess, Pirates and something else I don't even remember. That won't do, Gabie was not into Princesses, has never been... What to do.... I called and asked if I could do my own themed party, I will only use their facilities, they agreed!!! YESSS!!!! I had the place for my self, now it was time to think of a theme...  With a museum in mind, I thought of owls because they say they are the wisest animals, and that was it!!

Of course with the limited time we had, we needed to make sure we had everything ready to get that classroom ready for a Birthday Party. Here is what I came up with...
Centerpieces were made with Fun Foam, the ones with the glitter, and the colors had to be bright, because the classrooms at the museum were all
painted like that.

I wanted cupcakes because it was easier for the kids, but I wanted owls on the cupcakes, so I told my mom I wanted a tree to be the base and hold the cupcakes and have it full of owls and flowers. My Mom and Dad found the perfect tree trunk, painted it and attached the wired circles to put the cupcakes in. I decorated with lots of flowers, and then started making little owls as cupcake toppers!!!

My daughter and I had a blast making this little owls with the googly eyes!
They looked adorable on the cupcakes, and my tree ended up looking fabulous!!!


I did flower lollipops, which it was totally my daughter's idea, she wanted lollipops to stand in a flower pot filled with candy. I got to it, and came out with this cuties.Finally I have to say the kids loved the Museum, the service was excellent, the food was great, and I got to make my own decorations which is what I love to do!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blogging from my phone

This is so amazing, I am just trying out this app on my phone for Blogger- This is only a Test!!!! Let's try attaching a picture too! This cakepops came out delicious!! I made them for a baby shower, everyone loved them.

Piñata Time!!!

Well, here I really can not take any credit for myself, as I only imagine what I want in a piñata, but the outcome comes straight from the hands of my dear mother, who is a total genius at this...Look at the details on this Safari Jeep Piñata !!! Isn't she AWESOME!!! I love my Mom!!!


This seems to be the most popular theme now days, you can use it for Birthdays or Baby showers. It's is totally adorable when you mix and match the earthly colors with green, and add those adorable baby animals to make it a great success. Add some little Safari Hats, a wild animal show, and you have the perfect Birthday Party for a Boy.
Let's start with the invitations, remember, this are your guests first impression of what your party is all about...

 This is the front of the invitation, I ALWAYS use BAZZILL cardstock, I am totally addicted to it, I love the textures, the bling, and everything in between!!- I added a raffia detail to add that little xtra hint of nature.
I printed the invitation cover, and then added little 3D elements that I cut using my Cricut Expression (can not live without it!!!)

Printed the inside right on to the cardstock, double matted, and added brads for the final touch, This invites were super adorable, and they matched the whole theme.

On my next post I will show you the Birthday Piñata,and other decorations.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


 OH My!!! What a party that was, It was fun, from beginning to end, not only for me, cause I just love the whole theme party planning, but for the guests as well, the kids enjoyed a day in a fabulous place, they had unlimited train and pony rides, and a bounce house all day long!!! Even though, this was a Baby Shower,   we kept the kids entertained all day. The food was incredible, catering was provided by the "Rojas Family" and decorations, Centerpieces and Party Favors were done by me.

For the centerpieces, we created (my mom and I) little baby Safari themed clothes, we even created a miniature hanger, we placed the little shirts and jumpers on the hangers and put them on a decorated base (which we also created  from scratch using wooden dowels from Michael's.

Centerpiece and Favors

I made a Decoration for the Cupcake table with jungle animals made out of Paper piecing (we used foam  
  board)  and a tree trunk 
  made out of paper mache!!  
  It  came out absolutely  

Cupcake Table

Front View-GUESTS  Sign in

Inside View

Back View

Candies were placed inside this lovely green mint tins, and then decorated with rub-on stickers 

An Elmer's Tri-fold Poster Board, was decorated, and used for guests to sign in, and leave messages for the Mommy to be.

From an Elmer's Poster Board, to a Baby Shower

Front View (Closed)
I have done several of this now, they are so cute, they are perfect for the guests to sign in and leave messages for the Mommy to be, and also for the future mom to have and show as a nice memory of her friends and family who attended the event. I used an Elmer's Tri-fold Foam Board, scrapbooking papers in both solids and patterns, some assorted 3D letter and animal stickers, a few embellisments and of course lots of glue.

 This will be the Inside view (open)
 This is closed up view of the front.
 Close up view of the inside detail

 Back view.
It's a super easy project and can be decorated to fit any themed party-, It can be decorated with pictures of a couple for a Bridal Shower, Pictures of a Sonogram for a Baby Shower, Pictures of a wedding for a couple celebrating their Anniversary.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trying to catch up!

So many things have happen, I had no time left for the things I love to do. I just decided to take five minutes a day to update my blog and post all the beautiful pictures I have. If you follow me on Facebook, you are up to date. I keep that updated to the minute. Of course, there is minimal writing to go with that. Here are some pictures of recent Birthday parties. Theme parties for girls are a hit at the moment. They enjoy with their friends, and moms too. Lots of crafty activities, make up, hair, manicure, and pedi go along with them. I have recently done a few, and the girls, and moms, have been very happy with the events.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It' s been too long!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!!!!! I can't believe its been so long, I almost forgot how much I enjoy writing about my business. Time has not been on my side lately, and it's been almost impossible to seat at the computer to do something not work related. A lot has happened lately, I have done a few parties, not many, I will post pictures soon, I will be adding catering, and rental to my business sometime in August, 2009 so that is good news. I have tons of new products and samples I shall be posting pictures of soon. You can also follow me on Facebook, it's been my# 1 source of communication for the past few months. I will post new pictures soon, so come back to visit!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Little Lady Bug Party

This was my Little Gabriella's 6Th Birthday Party. The theme, was ladybugs. It was a very small, and simple party and we had less than a week to put it together. I made little red boxes, and cut black circles to make them look like ladybugs and also hot glued a couple of white daisies on them. I filled the little boxes with candies and chocolates.
I decorated little glass jars (and passed them out to the mom's) filled with M&M's and glued little white daisies to the top of the jar, and a tiny plastic ladybug on top of the flower (found ladybugs plastic buttons that were just perfect).
I bought cupcakes instead of a cake and decorate the table with flowers, ladybugs, and all the party favors. I passed out little bags filled with crafty surprises for the kids, (all about gardens, flowers and ladybugs). I included a small terracotta flower pot, (decorated with a ribbon, a daisies and a ladybug) with a little bag of soil, and a little packet of seeds (flowers). This was meant to be done as an activity at the party, but due to the lack of time, I gave it to the kids to take home.
The kids had a lot of fun, the mom's loved the take home surprises. The kids are growing their flowers in the little pots, and they will remember Gabriella's Birthday party for a while..
Hope you like the ideas, I will be posting more ideas soon. Coming up in my agenda, a Fifteen's party- Theme , "Phantom of the Opera".... Can wait to start on the invites...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yellow Duckie Baby Shower Favors

Well, Life happens, and Boy!!! When it does, you get caught in a toggle war of difficulties. I have been SO busy, I haven't had a small window of opportunity to sit and enjoy myself, sip a cup of coffee, and post pictures of all this cute ideas for everyone to enjoy.
This little cute party favors were created for the baby Shower, (invitations posted in previous entry) of another friend. This idea is specially great for an outdoor party like this one is going to be. All decorated with blue and yellow balloons, in a park, near a lake, and the theme, Yellow Duckies!!!! everywhere...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More invitations

This cutie is for my cousins Baby Shower, she had no idea what them to do her Baby shower, and I picked and combined this graphic to match the decorations of the Baby's room and the bedding set, she picked for the baby. She fell in love with it immediately, and we are making the whole shower to match the Baby's room decor!!!

Duckies, Duckies every where, my table looked like a duck farm for a while, I made this invitations for another Baby Shower, My friend is doing her Baby shower in a park, and she is having a baby boy. I suggested for her to use little ducks, in the invitation and the decorations, they are the perfect theme for a Baby Shower in the park, plus Blue and yellow look great together. Also, I was dying to try the cricut die cut of the little duck!!!!Soon I will post the party favors for both Baby showers, and some pictures of my cousins Baby showers, since I will be hosting it and presenting the games!!! I love the games!!!


It's been a while since I posted my last blog, I have been so busy, and I love it!!! Last week I finished doing the decorations for a 2 year old Birthday, I had wished they picked Nemo as their theme, but Wubbzy was the choice. I found myself creating this yellow character from scratch...Of course I always count on dear mom to help, I am the designer and she is the creator when it comes to decorations. Here is what we came out with. This were the centerpieces, they were so cute, and the size was huge, Wubbzy came out to be the same height as the Birthday Boy!!

The cake decoration included a couple of Wubbzy's friends and the famous purple trees, and of course a little ball(wubbzy loves to play ball)

This is what it look like on the actual cake.

I also made party favors and decorated a big chocolate chip cookie basket of lollipops with the theme. In a 4x4 cardboard box, I place a do it yourself (decorate yourself) plastic cup. I printed several plain papers with wubbzy's coloring pages for the children to color , and scale them down to fit in the cup, I also included crayolas in the little box, and a full color and personalized cover for the cup. This served as a birthday activity and a party favor as well.

A big box with Chocolate Chip "Cookie pops", as I call them, served as a decoration and party favors, and we all know how much our kids enjoy cookies.